Total Living Care TLC Tool Kit

We are excited to distribute Total Living Care (TLC), a new innovative group critical illness insurance product by Dick Gilbert of CGI Inc., and in partnership with Western Financial Group.

TLC offers vastly superior definitions and plan features redefining and radically changing the group critical illness insurance landscape.

Your clients will hear about TLC: either by you or another advisor.

So here is what you need to understand about this product and tremendous marketing opportunity:

Top 10 plan features are:

  • 3 Plan Options – Gold, Silver and Bronze.  No industry exclusions.
  • Stand Alone Guaranteed issue, down to 2 lives, and which permits spouses on an all in or none basis
  • Definitions which are legally and medically sound, including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • No Pre-Existing Conditions for groups of 50 lives & over, reduced Pre-Ex for groups of 10 to 49 lives
  • Portability up to $100,000
  • Class and Option flexibility, and no benefit reduction after Age 65
  • High NEM and OM Limits and issue ages to age 69 inclusive
  • Fine Print Assurance Commitment at claim time – No other plan has this feature
  • Contingent Beneficiary provision
  • Grandfathering feature

An insurance product is only as good as the definitions.

Its not even close.  No other product compares to TLC.  

Click on the RED/GREEN/YELLOW chart below to expand a full comparison of TLC and current insurers offerings.

Chart to compare health care services

Easy to follow like a “Stop Light”:  

  • “Green” the condition is covered
  •  “Red” the condition is NOT covered
  • “Amber” due to the definition a condition can’t be confirmed whether coverage is provided.  Slow down proceed with CAUTION.

If you would like a complete TLC comparison, then order the TLC Tool Kit with the form to the right.

Your TLC Tool Kit will include:
  • Detailed Analysis comparing all current Group Illness Insurance products.  
  • When TLC will pay, and when the others won’t
  • FAQ regarding TLC
  • Company Census form to be used when requesting a quote
Here’s what advisors are saying about this product and tool kit:

“Wow.  The comparative chart was all I needed to close a case of 50 employees, and now I am quoting on their health and dental plan.  Thanks Complete Benefits.  Steven R.”

“I have finally found a way to get into that association.  This product decimates the current group critical illness insurance plan.  Dave P.”

If you would like a TLC Tool Kit, then fill in the form to the right.

People deserve a 1st class product, be the first to offer it to them.

TLC offers the best probability of payment after suffering a covered critical illness due to its industry leading definitions.

Check out the FAQ section under Resources for answers with respect to this product.

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