Employer’s & Employees love Health Spending Accounts (HSA):

  • Employers contain costs
  • Employees have choice and convenience
A perfect combination making both parties happy.

Employers can

  • offer health/dental benefits to their employees
  • give their employees the convenience of a Drug and Dental card with their Health Spending Account
  • limit their expense which allows for predictable costs from year to year easier for budgeting
  • set the limit of annual contribution per employee (and dependents if married with or without qualifying children).  Employees can spend up to that amount, and that’s it.
A traditional plan’s cost can escalate over several years incrementally or substantially, however with a HSA you can kiss increases to your yearly premiums and those broker renewal meetings good bye. You know exactly what your potential costs are next year. Forget about them, they are history.

Employees Will

  • have choice: take care of their health relevant to themselves and their dependents.  Standard limits of a traditional health and dental plan no longer apply.  If an employee really likes to get chiropractic or massage therapy treatments, they can spend their full amount with these professional health providers.
  • have convenience:  A Drug and Dental Card for their drug and dental expenses
  • be able to use their HSA dollars to expenses not typically covered by the plan ie. their teen age son/daughter needs orthodontic.  Small group dental plans do not cover orthodontics or many other products or procedures which are deemed nice to have not need to get done

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