Complete Benefits Inc. is proud to be working with the following insurers and product innovators:

Assumption Life

Founded in 1903, Assumption Life has been serving Canadians for more than a century and has evolved into one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in Canada.  As a mutual insurance company, they are owned by participating life insurance policyholders and not shareholders.  Assumption Life’s considerations are short and long-term serving their insureds, investment clients and group policy holders.

We offer Assumption Life’s Insured (Life, AD&D, Dep. Life, LTD and STD) and Health and Dental products.  Their service is fast, friendly and professional.

Working with Assumption Life, Complete Benefits Inc can offer clients true savings and containing costs each year, and without 1st year discounting just to win the business.

Fairness.  What a concept!

GCI Inc.

GCI is a marketing and consulting firm formed by the principals of five Insurance and Financial companies, with over one hundred and fifty years of combined head office and field experience.

GCI has recently focused its attention on Group Critical Illness Insurance (GCII).  It observed that there is a huge gap between the “Perception” an employee has about what is covered and the “Reality” of what their policy actually covers.  Many claims are being unnecessarily denied due to poor education of the product, ambiguous definitions which aren’t medically or legally sound, and pre-existing conditions.

They are the product innovators, developers responsible for developing TLC:  Total Living Care.

It is by far the most comprehensive group critical illness insurance product on the market offering protection, portability and peace of mind.

Western Financial Group

Western Financial Group is a subsidiary of Desjardins Group, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada and the 6th in the world, and the insurer behind TLC. They are based in western Canada, with distribution channels across Canada.

We are proud to be involved in the distribution of this innovative product.