The Complete Benefits Advantage:  Simply. Better. Benefits.


No one likes it,  and people avoid it.  Is changing benefit providers worth the effort?

We believe so – for 3 Reasons: Simply. Better. Benefits.

We developed a better experience of taking care of employees, their claims and employers’ premium dollars.


We respect your money.  After all, it is … your money.

Its a responsibility we take seriously and believe in:

  • Winning the right to proceed each month/year and at each renewal
  • Streamlining administration, passing on the savings to clients and providing better value or pricing
  • Educating business owners on how benefits are priced and renewals are calculated
By reducing our industry jargon and educating business owners, they know how renewals are calculated and why. An educated business owner who better understands a product and process is less interested in a 10% first year discount only to get a renewal rate increase costing more than the initial savings. We promise to make employee benefits simpler and more user friendly.


Small to medium size businesses could save thousands of $$$ a year, by considering the following:

  • Keep your customized plan design
  • Combine your administration expenses with a growing block of employee groups to effectively reduce costs and help contain expenses
  • Receive a higher claims % per premium dollar for claims
  • Claims experience remains 100% credible/responsible, but renewal rate increases are more gradual as less money is paid towards administration leaving more to pay claims

Continually shopping the market and continually moving each year, will be a distant memory. In addition, many insurers are not accepting clients who want to market every year.

Get the best value per dollar regardless of your claims.

Then you can forget about it, relax.  Play golf.

Or ride off into the sunset.


In addition to tremendous traditional plans, we can offer:

  • HR Solutions
  • New Group Critical Illness insurance plans with superior definitions
  • Health Care Spending Accounts with an active Health/Dental Card.

At Complete Benefits Inc., we know what employers/employees want and how to deliver it in a cost efficient and friendly way.

Give us a call we would be happy to help!