While these benefits are Optional, they offer substantial value helping employees manage health, and life events.  Plans offer a combination of the following, in addition to the basic mandatory benefits:

  • Optional Life
  • Disability Insurance (Short Term or Long Term)
  • Critical Illness Insurance

Optional Life

Optional Life insurance is available for employees and their spouses to purchase, at their expense, to supplement the Basic Life benefit.

Schedule of Insurance

Optional life is offered in units of $10,000 to a maximum of $200,000 or $250,000.  Employees must fill in an evidence of insurability application to be approved.  Conditions and Exclusions are unique to each insurer and should be reviewed prior to applying.

Disability Insurance

Should an employee become disabled or unable to work, two insurance products can offer an income replacement benefit.

  • Short Term Disability or Weekly Indemnity
  • Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability

When an employee becomes disabled, Short Term Disability (STD) benefits have been designed to offer a weekly income to replace a portion of their salary.  Typically benefits have an elimination period to receive benefits, usually no waiting period for an accident and an elimination of 4 to 7 days for sickness.

Schedule of Benefits

A benefit is typically a percentage of gross weekly earnings 60% to 66.7% for non-taxable plans and 70% to 75% for taxable plans.

Long Term Disability 

Long Term Disability (LTD) is an income replacement product similar to STD but designed to offer income for an extended duration.  Employees with a more severe disability could have benefits up to 2 years or longer to age 65.

Schedule of Benefits

Reimbursement percentages are paid similarly to those under Short Term Disability plans.

Graded schedules are also available under non-taxable plans to help reduce the impact of the 85% all-source maximum for high income earners.

PLEASE NOTE:  STD or LTD:  Overall Maximum’s and Non-Evidence Maximums, Taxability Status, Elimination and Benefit periods, Recurrent Disability and Termination of Coverage vary from insurer to insurer.

We recommend inquiring to find out what would work best for you.

Critical Illness Insurance

In the event an employee is diagnosed with a covered illness, Critical Illness (CI) insurance provides a one time payment to the insured individual.  The number of covered illnesses and their definitions vary from plan to plan, and can include but not limited to:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Life Threatening Cancer
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Multiple Organ Transplant

CI insurance can fill a gap between disability and life insurance, complimenting group health benefits.

The money can help ease financial pressure while taking time off work to regain the health. The individual can have peace and focus on rebuilding their health spending the money at their discretion.

Schedule of Benefits

The number of covered illnesses and their definitions vary from plan to plan.  Please refer to the insurers contract for definitions and details.

If you are a Complete Benefits client, please see your policy for details.