Health & DentalHealth Spending AccountCritical Illness Insurance: Total Living Care - TLC
Do we really have to take the life, AD&D and Dependent Life Insurance? We just want the health and dental insurance.
Definitions: Group Life, Dependent Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
Definitions of Optional Benefits: Optional Life Insurance; Disability Insurance: Short-Term or Long-Term; Critical Illness Insurance
What does the health plan cover?
What does the dental plan cover?

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How does a Health Spending Account (HSA) work?
How does the Drug and Dental card work with the Health Spending Account?
What can employees spend the HSA dollars on?
Can the pooled (Life, AD&D, Dep. Life, STD, & LTD) insurance be added to the Health Spending Account?
I see a chiropractor/massage therapist quite a bit can this be set up online, eliminating paper claims submission?
My spouse has a plan, can I use this to pay for the Co-insurance or Deductibles on their plan?
What happens if I have money in my HSA at the end of the year?
Can Employees contribute to their Health Spending Account?

If you have any questions regarding this product, please give us a call at 1-855-930-1800.

Plan Design:

What is TLC?
Which carrier is underwriting TLC?
What are the participation requirements for a mandatory group plan?
Are there any exceptions to the participation rates for mandatory group plans?
Are employee’s/member’s spouses able to participate in the mandatory plans?
How many plan options are there and what are their differences?
How is the rate determined for the mandatory plans?
Can a mandatory group have different amounts of coverage on different employees/members?
Since the mandatory group plan is on a Guaranteed Issue basis, does it have a Pre-Existing conditions limitation?
Does TLC have a first occurrence restriction limitation at time of claim?

Pre-existing Conditions:

If an employee/member enters the plan with an existing covered condition such as, but not limited to, Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease would he/she be covered?
If an employee/member had suffered a Heart Attack or Stroke prior to the plan’s effective date; but was still taking medication and under a physician’s care would he/she be covered if the same condition was experienced after the plan was in effect?
If an employee/member has had Cancer prior to the policy becoming effective, would he/she be covered if he/she was diagnosed with Cancer after the plan was in effect?


If an employee/member ceases to be employed by the group, can coverage be maintained?
Is the portability provision available to employees/members whose employment is terminated for cause?

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