Helping Advisors grow their business is our business.

At Complete Benefits, we understand:

  • what clients and their plan members want
  • how to deliver the solution clearly
  • and provide service to reduce issues and stress

We help advisors:

  • deliver unique and competitive products/solutions to win cases
  • make group benefit renewals more predictable, easier to understand and manage so clients are happier.

The Complete Benefits Advantage:  Simply. Better. Benefits.

Our Unique Selling Features by Solution:

Traditional Benefit Plan:

    • Higher Total Loss Ratios (TLR’s) for small and medium sized groups than competition, offering real savings each year
    • Extremely competitive LTD and STD rates allowing clients to shift premiums towards health and dental claims
    • Lower Renewal Expenses 

Health Spending Account:

    • An Active Drug and Dental Card: Convenient claims submission.
    • Two plan options: Use it/Lose it OR Contributions roll forward one year.
    • Online Claims submission

Group Critical Illness Insurance – Total Living Care (TLC):

    • No-Pre-existing Conditions for groups of 50 lives & over, reduced Pre-Ex for groups of 10 to 49 lives and coverage down to 2 lives
    • Definitions are legally and medically sound including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
    • Portability up to $100,000
    • Fine Print Assurance Commitment at claim time – No other plan has this feature

As an advisor would you like:

    • unique products so you can stand out from competition?
    • help with client visits?
    • a defensive strategy to manage your client’s benefit plans?
    • straight by the book no nonsense advice
    • a sense of humour
    • guidance to steer clear of potential HR employee road hazards

Then we need to talk.

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